Web Development Resource Library

As a professional Front-End Web Developer I know first hand how difficult it can be to locate and secure trusted and supported resources from around the web. Over a decade ago I found the same thing was true for traveling to Hawaii; and in that instance I created Hawaii-Guide. I realize now, in mid-2013, that on the web-front, the same issue is problematic to many graphic designers, UI & UX experts, and web developers from around the world. Reliable resources are literally scattered all over the internet throughout thousands of websites, repositories, and archived blog entries.

This section of my website is entitled the "Web Developer Resource Library" and it contains nearly all of the resources I've personally discovered over the many years I've been developing websites. This list is by no means all-inclusive or complete and ideally I’ll continue adding to it for many years to come. I hope this catalog, code bank, and web-related resource library provides other web developers & graphic artists (whether fresh to the scene or the battle-hardened coding veteran) a place to find trusted and supported products. Everything is ranked (via personal judgment, relative to the date of the posting), sorted by month/year, and also is listed by popularity - so you can easily determine how old, dated, or popular each entry and resource is.

If you know of anything missing – shoot me an email through my contact page.

Latest Web Resources

Better Category Layout

Better Category Layout is a very simple Accessory that does one thing - plain and simple. It arranges all of the category groups assigned to a given channel on a single line (row) so that they don’t vertically consume half of your control…


ExpressionEngine & embedded templates

Recently someone emailed me asking how we had setup the structure of our ExpressionEngine based Hawaii-Guide.com website, especially the island template structure. So I thought I'd share here as well. Below is some background on how we've…


Font Awesome Star Rank

Font Awesome Star Rank is a fieldtype for ExpressionEngine 2.x that providers publishers the ability to add a simple star rating input field to their entries. On the 'front end' the field type will output as a simple and easily styled…


Easy Drop Down

This is a free light weight jQuery plugin based on the 'ddslick' plugin originally created by Prashant Chaudhary that allows developers to create a custom drop down with images and description. With traditional drop downs you are always…