Potential You - dare to live your dreams

Experiences as an Entrepreneur

I'll keep this one short...

I can’t help you become a better person. I can’t help you open the door to your dreams or your personal success. The best I can do is to show you the path I’ve walked, and then dare you to blaze your own. Life is a journey, and too often we treat the path like an interstate – nose to tail, in line, for most of our lives. Get out of the vessel you’re in, walk if you have to, but go in the direction that suits you.

You cannot fail if you never stop trying. Failure is an idea that exists only when we cease to believe in the possibilities before us – our potential as individuals. What’s worse? Living your life, falling down, getting up and trying again, even if it’s a thousand times – a thousand scars, bruises, bumps, and rough spots, or realizing at the end of your life, before your last breath, that you never tried at all? That you let all of the potential you fail by the very act of not trying at all. That failure was defined, in fact, the lack of living out your life because of being afraid of the very thing you achieved – nothing.

Don’t do this. Don’t fall into this trap of nothing for the sake of security. It’s not secure, it’s not safe, and it’s nothing of the kind. It’s not the safe haven you believe it to be, it’s a fallacy. At one point in your life you will realize the days ahead of you are fewer than the days behind you. You will panic, you will fret, and you will wish all the years you’ve had pass you by could come around one last time. But they don’t.

Forget what’s gone, what’s done – move forward, always, in pursuit of your happiness. You may be afraid, but as a wiser man once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Very true indeed. Now as cheesy as it sounds, go be you; be true to yourself and seek out, even dare, to live your dreams!

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