If you’re not having fun - you’re doing it wrong! My liberation blog entry.

Experiences as an Entrepreneur

I have no idea why it’s taken me almost 33 years to figure this one out, but here goes my biggest life lesson to date: Be yourself, and have fun in the process. It’s so utterly ‘duh’ that even my youngest niece already new that much (she’s like 1 by the way). It’s almost comedic that we grow up knowing we like to have fun, and then somehow we’re taught that having fun isn’t what “real adults” do and instead we must work – work – work so we can actually… wait… have fun. Say what now? Why don’t we just skip the work and have fun to begin with?

Recently I started listening to a book by James Altucher, and subsequently I started reading his blog. It might just be the most awesome thing I’ve listened to and subsequently read since, well… since forever. Actually it might be the most inspiring thing I’ve done in a long time. I have suddenly had this reaffirmation that if I, as a normal person, want to actually be happy – I have to do the obvious thing and actually, you know, make myself happy first. I mean, the chances of me making anyone else happy if I’m not happy – slim to none. I think for the longest time I’ve always known this, but carried around the notion that to have fun and love myself was somehow a crime. I seem to remember getting told by my mom that, “It’s just not how the world works?” I’d ask why, like usual, and get told my ‘favorite’ (that’s very sarcastic) reason, “Because!”

Awesome…. I love because. OK, not really. Because sucks, because is for people who’ve given up on seeking out the real answers. I wanted more and I’m glad I stuck to my guns and believed that having fun WAS possible. I realized tonight that every time in my life I’ve done something fun for a prolonged time, a few ironic things have happened:

1.)  I’m a hell of a lot happier

2.)  I make more income by starting and doing things I actually like doing

3.)  I feel like I live, and actually LIVE, more of my life

4.)  I’m not whoring myself out to something I hate… there, I said it.

I also realized an awful lot of what I’ve posted on this site, the site I own no less, hasn’t been for me… it’s been mostly, well, for you. Who are you anyway? Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t – chances are you don’t. Even if you do know me, do you really KNOW me? I doubt it – most people don’t… So why in the hell am I typing out blog entries on my own site to try and appease you or not offend you, or whatever I was trying to do? Please like me? Seriously? It’s come to this?

So here’s the deal… let me be clear. I am going to be authentic, from this day forth, to myself here on my own web site – especially in what I’ve separated as the “Personal” section of my blog. Hey, you were warned. I’ll probably make a few enemies and hopefully I’ll balance that out with new friends in the process. After all, what’s a good time like a few haters; who quite frankly have nothing better to do than email me about how I misspelled something or that my grammar was bad, or just generally feel like their bad day warranted sending me hate mail – awesome! How noble of them. I’ll take it as a compliment if I’m making those kinds of waves.

To start the love… let’s recap my previous blog entries and what I should have actually titled them:

Green Energy… why not? --> Stupid is, is stupid does… this isn’t rocket surgery

The age of the Apple --> Haha Microsoft… you so had this coming.

Getting to know your subconscious mind --> Welcome to the circus in your head

A new philosophy --> I really just want to live the rest of my life in Hawaii

The train wreck that is Depression --> I’m pissed off I’m not in Hawaii yet

OK, that’s all for now… I feel better, seriously.

Now go have some fun!!

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