Getting to know your subconscious mind

Experiences as an Entrepreneur

First let me say this is my personal interpretation of the subconscious mind. Many others may have a different opinion, but as we’ve already covered, what works for you – works for you; this is what works for me based on years of observation and research. Inside of your physical mind there is a part of you that you should get to know a little better, a part of you that ultimately determines the very reality you experience as a sentient being. You’re not alone in your head - meet your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious, by whatever name you wish to call it (inner child, low conscious, basic self, etc), is an integral part of your well-being and it’s important you learn to understand and even communicate with this part of your mind. The ability to become consciously aware of this part of your mind is the first step, so that you can get to know yourself on a subconscious level. Who or what is your subconscious though?

The subconscious mind is responsible for all of your bodily functions. Your heartbeat, your breathing, your lymph system circulation, digestion, liver function, etc are all handled by the subconscious mind without the need for conscious awareness or control. Imagine having to remember to do all of these things consciously – yikes! But equally important is what the subconscious mind ‘thinks’ – or better yet, feels about your day to day life. All of your sensory input, all the learned habits and routines, all of your emotions and feelings are held at the subconscious level. Many believe that even memory itself is held at the subconscious level. How aware are you of your own emotions, beliefs or habits? If you know this part of you, do you know it well enough to call it a trusted friend, or do you feel at odds with your subconscious? The way you react, feel, and respond to the world around you is often subconscious driven… and we’ve already made it very clear that what you think, and what you experience, are one in the same. That’s the rub. If you don’t know your subconscious, you can’t truly know what you’re creating – you’re doing it all at a level that’s outside your conscious awareness. The notion your subconscious is in control shouldn’t really surprise anyone. If you find you’re a person who reacts out of reflex or emotion, versus conscious thought and deliberate action, then you may find it’s your subconscious ruling your life. I have known many people who react or say certain things, and then can’t honestly say (consciously) why they acted the way they did or said the things they said.  Often we find our conscious mind only becomes aware of our actions after the fact – an angry outburst perhaps, one we feel remorse for because our conscious mind has intervened and told us, “That was inappropriate for you to react that way.” But you’re probably thinking – why doesn’t the subconscious just govern itself, I surely “know” better don’t I? Well that too is part of the complexity of the subconscious mind. The subconscious cannot reason with logic like the conscious mind can. The subconscious reacts based on “facts” and “knowledge” stored in its memory. Please strongly acknowledge my use of quotations around the “facts” and “knowledge.” Facts are what the subconscious believes to be true… it is not necessarily a collective or absolute truth. I like call the conflicts of what the conscious mind deduces as fact and what the subconscious holds as fact (belief) a block. When you’re not in alignment with yourself, you will find conflicting results and situations in your life; you will find many blocks within yourself. This can take place in many forms – spiritually, morally, emotionally, philosophically, etc. This can affect your life path, decisions, and ultimately your very reality itself. Many contend that enough discontentment between the two minds can even call illness within the body.

When you become truly aware of both parts of your mind, conscious and subconscious, and realize that while separate in function, they are part of you as a whole; and when you purposely work coherently to create the world you experience, you will have taken a giant first leap towards your own alignment with the being you truly are.

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