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Recently I had a very enlightening discussion with a good friend in Hawaii who told me that, “You have to focus your energy toward what matters.” It sounds simple enough, but how often do we really do this in our every day lives? It’s so easy to get caught up in our routine, so much that we often forget to aim our energy and our focus towards what we really want in life. For me, it provided perspective from an outside point of view, and it has prompted me to ask a few questions that I believe we all should ask ourselves from time to time. Consider these and my ** suggestions:

  • What are my goals and dreams… both big and small?

** Write them down! Be realistic, but don’t be afraid to dream big either.

  • Are the actions I’m taking every day helping me move towards my goals, keeping me idle, or worse – actually moving me away from them?

** Track your progress; know where you’re at in achieving your dreams.

  • What plans do I have in place to help me actually achieve my goals?

** If you don’t have plans, you aren’t going to achieve your goals. Set up a plan of action for each goal, even if it’s a vague idea – it’ll help you in the long run.

  • Do I know what my values are? Have they changed since I last planned?

** Understanding your values, which can change through your life, will help you better understand your goals, dreams, and ambitions. They’ll also help you form your plans. Your values are the foundation upon which you build everything at this moment. Know them well.


To put it more simply… you only need to ask yourself this simple question: “Knowing my dreams and goals, have I formed plans, based on my values, to help me achieve these ambitions and ultimately am I devoting my time and energy towards achieving my goals through measurable actions?

For me there’s nothing worse than realizing your daily routine is taking you along a path that isn’t going to deliver you to the ‘promised land’ of your dreams. Your dreams are worth it – this is YOUR life, and as far as I know, it’s the only one you get. Don’t forget in the hustle and bustle of life to take some time out for YOU. With a good plan, sustainable actions, and the right focus that parallels your values – you might be surprised what you can achieve.

That said, I’ll end on this note. Simply remember to remain mindful, consciously, of where you focus your attention each and every day; and remember this mantra,

“My energy flows where my attention goes.”

Aim high… the sky really is the limit.

Best regards,
John C. Derrick

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