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John C. Derrick November 11 2013 Comments
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OK, maybe not famous - but here's a few of my favorite Johnism's or quotes I've thought up over the years. These are just things that fly out of my brain at times, so I figured what the heck, might as well share them.


"An astute student does not merely mimic his teacher but instead carves his own path to greatness."

"Give a child a seed and show him a tree... he will believe in what seems like the impossible. Sow a seed in a man's mind, and he too can grow to achieve the impossible."

"We're dormant until we die while we're alive... and only then, do we truly live."

"I dare to think about the things you’ve never thought to think about."

"In our experience, we often try the act of working hard to accomplish our dreams -- but what if we tried the act of accomplishing our dreams to be our work?"

"In my life I always take time to remember the importance of living through the use of APAPAP. Attention, Perspective, Authenticity, Poise, Action & Perseverance – they open doors you didn’t know existed."

"Sometimes, word are all we have."

"Live your life… and live it well. Laugh, smile, dance, skip, jump, run, and know peace in your heart."

"You don’t have to be ignorant to the realities of life to be happy – but you also don’t have to be ignorant to the happiness of life to be in reality."

"You’re free – so spread your wings, and fly!"

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