Consciousness Blog

Occasionally I have something on my mind that prompts me to speak out. Below are a collection of some of my professional thoughts through the years; topics vary widely of course - that's how my brain works. Some of the topics below are very personal to me and I hope those reading won't hold that against me or be offended by my candid remarks. I genuinely believe in speaking out about the topics we deal with, the situations we experience, and the way we feel about the world we live in. To me, there is nothing more authentic than being yourself - and staying true to that, always. I hope you enjoy my Professional Articles. You can also view my personal articles →

Depression kills you on the inside

Part II – When organ function goes wrong. Today, I wanted to pick back up on the Depression article I began last May; and in the process revisit how it has affected my own life, in addition to my recent experiences and thoughts regarding…


Potential You - dare to live your dreams

I'll keep this one short... I can’t help you become a better person. I can’t help you open the door to your dreams or your personal success. The best I can do is to show you the path I’ve walked, and then dare you to blaze your own. Life is…


Getting to know your subconscious mind

First let me say this is my personal interpretation of the subconscious mind. Many others may have a different opinion, but as we’ve already covered, what works for you – works for you; this is what works for me based on years of observation…