A man is the sum of his life experiences

Experiences as an Entrepreneur

I can write, I always could. It wasn’t about anything in particular; it was simply about using words to describe an experience, to invoke emotions, and to stir the soul in a way such that it had never been touched before. Words, linguistics, can touch us to the core and can move us in a way that nothing else can. There is a good reason all books are professed to be superior to their ensuing film. There is seemingly a bit of magic in the words themselves and it creates the mystery our brain so often desires.

Writing is hard at times, it involves a form of creativity that is expressed in a way no picture or painting can ever capture. A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words – and oh so many more.

There are times when my brain floods with the insight of a thousand singing souls, as if the clarity and clairvoyance of life’s purpose suddenly comes to me. I cannot say why this happens, I know merely that it does – and that I am to take advantage of it in the only way I know how – with words.

I hope my words inspire those who read them, I hope they impact and bring great happiness to those who find them. Today I want to share some insight on perseverance and the importance of having faith in oneself.

For most of my life I have, on the surface, doubted my abilities, my skillset, and my knowledge of the working world. I have spent countless hours fretting over small, very insignificant details, always trying to predict and calculate how they might impact my life and send me flying off course on a whim. But in all the time I’ve lived and in all the mistakes I’ve made, I’ve always made a critical choice – to rise up again when I found myself down. As a popular song melodized on the radio during my teen years, “I get knocked down, but I get up again… you’re never gonna keep me down.” This has proven to be the critical piece of the puzzle for me in my life. Through some of the greatest struggles of my life, my perseverance and the ultimate faith I have had in myself, deep down, it has kept me moving ahead in life and has allowed me to reach a great many of my dreams.

No, I don’t live a perfect life and I certainly have many dreams yet to be fulfilled. But the blessings of my life surround me and I can hardly ignore them any longer. For a long time I have been blind to the gifts that are abound in my life, and no longer will I be ignorant to their existence. I will express gratefulness in my life, not because I have to or feel that I should, but because it is the natural thing to do in a state of gratitude. I look around, see, hear, feel, and sense the love and trust that is so richly abundant in my life and I can’t help but swell up with feelings of appreciation.

If I can teach you but one lesson reading this, then let this be it. Never, EVER, give up! Believe in yourself, and trust your insight – you and only you know your best path in this world. Persevere when the going is tough, and know the lessons learned in those precarious moments of your life will serve you well down the road. A man is the sum of the experience he has had… nothing more, nothing less. A strong man is strong because he has been made strong through the experiences of weakness. A weak man is weak because he has never experienced great strength. The charisma of greatness is only present because of the experience of great failure and the keen ability to be educated in those moments of strife. Set your course and sail your ship well – the horizon is always your own. Never stop believing, and you’ll never stop achieving. When you’re down, get up again. When life pushes you around, push back harder. Know that every tunnel has a light at the end of its darkness. For every time you are knocked down or sent flying off course, regain your bearings and start again. Blaze your own path, live your dreams, fulfill your destiny, and know thanks in your heart. And then share your gifts with the world… in any way that you can.

Many blessings to you my friends,

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